Listen to our satisfied clients

Hear from some of the attorneys and law firms we successfully worked with us any why they chose Green Link Solutions:

“As a personal injury attorney, I know my clients face a lot of problems while waiting for a case to reach its conclusions. Their biggest worry is not the pain they are in, but the financial constraints. It shouldn’t be that way. Thankfully, we found Green Link Solutions. They were able to bring peace of mine to our clients.”          – Brian T Smith

“Green Link Solutions did a great job for us. They walked us through every step of the process. They did everything they said they would, and provided a personal touch that our clients enjoyed. They did a great job.”    – Chris Pracht

“Business acumen is what sets Green Link Solutions apart. They understand the needs of a law firm when it comes to cash flow and they delivered for us. They are the best legal lending services firm in the Carolinas in our book.”    – Ryan Montgomery

“I can’t say enough good things about the Green Link Solutions team. They were there when we needed them. They provided excellent customer service every step of the way.”-          Terra McKenzie

“Green Link Solutions gave us time to fight for our client’s best interests in court. Basically, our client had the money to pay the bills in the short time, which allowed us to not settle quickly for a small amount. They appreciated that in the end. It was a win-win.”

-          Wally Fayssoux

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