Green Link Solutions helps local man win court settlement

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A Mauldin man injured in a 2011 accident received a $732,000 settlement after Green Link Solutions was able to assist his attorney with litigation financing.

Brian T. Smith, of the Law Office of Brian T. Smith, approached GreenLink about the firm’s legal lending capabilities to help in a 2011 case where a car being driven by Garrett Esser was struck by a tractor trailer in Abbeville County. Esser suffered brain injuries from the wreck and his family contacted Smith about helping them.

Smith realized that he would need expert witness to prove that the other driver had caused the accident by trying to pass Esser on a two-lane, rural highway. Using litigation financing and a pre-settlement advancement from GreenLink, Smith was able to hire experts to assist on the case.

Litigation lending is similar to a traditional bank loan except instead of the borrower providing collateral property such as a car or house, the purchase agreement is secured by money to be collected in connection with a lawsuit, said Jeff Johnson, a principal in Green Link Solutions.

“It is these kinds of cases where legal lending is vitally important,” Johnson said.

In February, Smith reached the settlement with the trucking company. Esser likely would have not received any funds for his hospital bills and lost wages if it wasn’t for Green Link Solutions.

“This case would not be the same if the attorney was unable to get more experts involved,” Johnson said.

About Green Link Solutions:

Based out of Greenville, South Carolina, Green Link Solutions is a trustworthy, business-driven legal financing firm that provides a personal touch to clients. From Charlotte to Atlanta, from Greenville to Columbia to Charleston, and from Aiken to Myrtle Beach, Green Link Solutions is the premier legal lending company in the region.

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