Understanding the government shut down from a lending perspective

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles outlining what departments and services are impacted by a government shutdown, as well as opinions of why there was a failure to pass a budget and who’s to blame for the shutdown. But instead of reiterating what has already been written, we intend to provide some framework…
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Why choose Legal Lending?

If someone got seriously injured on the job or in a car wreck a little less than a decade ago, their outlook was grim financially. They had to wait months and even years before seeing money from a lawsuit. That meant a lot of time of suffering a money crunch because injuries prevented that person…
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What is legal lending?

Court cases and dispute resolution take time. That can means months and months of not working, which means not paying your bills. That means trouble. But that is where legal lending comes in. Green Link Solutions can help your client during this time. Legal lending is similar to a traditional bank loan except instead of…
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